Kelowna Hydronic Heating Systems: Radiant Floor Heating, Ice Melt & More | Vision Mechanical Ltd.
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Kelowna Hydronic Heating

Kelowna Hydronic Heating Solutions

Fast, Effective Heating Systems

Hydronic heating uses water as the heat-transfer medium in heating and cooling systems. A Kelowna hydronic system may include both a chilled and a heated water loop, to provide for both boiler heating and air conditioning.

  • Benefits

    • More even heat than other systems – the units supply a steady and constant supply of heat throughout your Kelowna home.
    • Units take up less space – a small volume of hot water will deliver the same amount of heat as a large volume of warm air.
    • Zoned temperature management – different sections of the home can be kept at different temperatures.

  • Supply & Install

    • We can supply and install great brands like Bosch, Navian and more throughout Kelowna and the surrounding areas.
    • Heat your home efficiently from the floor up! Radiant heating, also known as hydronic or floor heating, is one of the most comfortable heat sources in Kelowna available today and can be used for smaller or larger areas in your home.

  • Snow & Ice Melt – Hydronic Systems

    • Say no to snow and ice removal and yes to increased safety.
    • Designed with built in sensors , when the snow or ice hits the sensor will activate the system to melt the snow. So home or not home you do not have to worry, your snow will be melted for you without the hassle and worry of snow and ice.

Hydronic Heating Kelowna
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