Great Reviews from Vision’s Customers

We at Vision Mechanical Ltd. work hard to ensure that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction with every job. In the years we’ve been serving Kelowna and area our experienced team has been grateful for the glowing reviews and testimonials of our customers. Here are just two of the recent letters [...]

Thinking about an On-demand Water Heater in Kelowna?

They save you heaps of space and even more money, so what else do you need to know about tankless or on-demand water heaters? Technology and energy savvy homeowners revel in all the wonderful features of on-demand water heaters, but, as our Kelowna heating experts explain, you need to make [...]

Kelowna Air Conditioning: Three Pre-Summer Maintenance Tips

Finally, it’s spring has arrived. Here in the Okanagan, it doesn’t take long for summer temperatures to set in. To help ensure you’ll have all the cool air you need indoors, our Kelowna air conditioning experts have prepared a list of pre-season a/c maintenance tips. There’s nothing worse than a [...]

Make Your Hot Water Tank More Efficient And Save Money

Saving money on your monthly heating bill is surprisingly easy. A little insulation here and the right temperature there, and your hot water tank can become even more efficient. Our Kelowna heating and plumbing experts have compiled a list of our top tips to help you reduce your heating costs. [...]

How to Change Your Furnace Filter

Furnaces are a big investment. You want your furnace to live as long and as efficiently as possible. That’s why our Kelowna furnace repairs team encourages you to take a simple maintenance step that can have a big impact on your furnace’s performance—changing the filter. At home, most of the [...]

Our Furnace Team Loves Armstrong Air Products

Next to your refrigerator, your furnace might be your hardest working appliance. Furnaces have a big job, and you need yours to heat your home efficiently for years. As the Kelowna furnace experts, that’s why we use HVAC products from the most trusted name in the industry—Armstrong Air. It’s important [...]

How Can You Protect Your Hardwood?

Humidify with Help from the Kelowna HVAC Experts If you have hardwood floors, you know how precious they are, but you might not know there’s something you can do to help preserve them for years to come. Our Kelowna furnace professionals are getting more and more requests from homeowners who [...]

Why You Should Choose Natural Gas For Your Home

When it comes to heating their homes, Canadians by and large choose either natural gas or electric heating systems. In BC however, 52% of people choose to heat and fuel their home using natural gas. The reasons why British Columbians choose natural gas is varied, but primarily, people choose natural [...]

Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

Isn’t it nice waking up to a warm house every morning? It’s easy to forget that one of your most important appliances—your furnace—is hard at work heating your house. You can ensure your furnace runs all winter long at peak efficiency by making sure a few tasks get done annually. [...]

What You Need To Know About Poly B

You may have heard talk about the need to replace “Poly B” pipes in your home. Major plumbing work is one of the nightmares of a homeowner. Just the suggestion of changing out the pipes in your home can give a person nightmares, with an endless stream of dollars dribbling [...]

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