Scott McManus

Scott McManus

Scott McManus


Scott has been a great addition to the team this year, who loves to joke and have fun. We love seeing his smiling face at the job sites.

Working for Vision Since:

March 2020

What’s your position?

Journeyman Plumber/Gasfitter

What inspired you to become a plumber?

It was either that or the army.. Just kidding! I couldn’t afford to go to beauty school.
But really, I actually started my plumbing apprenticeship during the summer of 03’ while I was still in high school as a summer job & ended up doing it through the RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) throughout grade 12 which earned me high school credit and a sweet scholarship for my first year of plumbing school at NAIT.

I learned a lot while I was younger and stuck with it ever since…

What’s your favorite part of the job?

There’s nothing like the simple satisfaction of yelling at the new guy lol. As you can tell, it was hard to be interviewed without being sarcastic. I’m a joker and I love to see a project that I put my time & effort into, come together as a finished product & I enjoy finding solid solutions to fun little problems along the way… Every day is an exciting adventure!

What are your favorite things to do when not working?

I try to maintain an active lifestyle as much as I can. Fitness is important to me! Outdoors, BBQs, camping, hiking, lake days.. all the same “outside stuff” you’d likely find on a generic dating profile.
… I also enjoy watching YouTube and gaming.

Are you from Kelowna? If not, where did you relocate from?

I moved to Kelowna from Edmonton, Alberta 2 years ago….. though I did grow up in the Kootenays.

A big congratulations to Scott! Give him a wave if you see him out and about.