Kelowna Heat Pumps: Split Unit, Ductless Installation & Maintenance | Vision Mechanical Ltd.
Kelowna Heat Pumps: Split Unit, Ductless Installation & Maintenance | Vision Mechanical Ltd.
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Heat Pumps Kelowna

Kelowna Heat Pump Solutions

Weighing Out Your Options With Kelowna Heat Pump Systems?

In some climates heat pumps will be a energy efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, and a great solution as an optional Kelowna heating and cooling source. Natural Resources Canada suggests a heat pump can provide energy cost savings of approximately 25-50% when compared with an electric furnace.

  • Benefits

    • In general, using a heat pump alone to meet all your heating needs may not be economical depending on your climate, such as those in the Okanagan. But used in conjunction with a supplementary form of heating, such as a gas or electrical furnace or electrical baseboards, a Kelowna heat pump can provide reliable economic heating in winter and cooling in summer.
    • A heat pump is designed to move heat from one place to another, providing simple and efficient temperature control for your home. During the heating season, heat pumps move heat from the cool outdoors into your warm house; during the cooling season, heat pumps move heat from your cool house into the warm outdoors.

  • Energy Efficiency

    • High-efficiency heat pumps in Kelowna also dehumidify better than standard central air conditioners, resulting in less energy usage and more cooling comfort in summer months. Vision Mechanical can provide you with a quote and assist you with information to best help you decide what is the best option for heating and cooling in your home.
    • Vision Mechanical is a provider of energy-efficient Bryant systems. Learn more about heat pumps and heating and cooling solutions by giving us a call today at 250.470.9552.
    • Armstrong Heat Pump Kelowna

  • Ductless or Mini Splits

    • What is a Mini – Split or ductless split?  A Heat Pump which provides heat when it is chilly and cooling when it is warm
    • Flexible and Quiet – Mini Splits offer flexibility  because they can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush behind a drop ceiling, hung on a a wall or floor-standing. Ductless heat pumps allow for a peaceful inside environment by enabling the contractors to install components like compressors and motors outdoors.
    • Ductless or Mini-Duct – Mini splits have little to no ducting. Central Air duct losses can easily account for more than 30% of energy consumption, especially if the ducts are not sealed tight or in an unconditioned space such as an attic or crawlspace.
    • Where Can Mini-Splits be used? – Older homes, New construction Hotels,  Motels, Carriage House, Restaurants and more in Kelowna.
    • We supply and install brands such as LG, Fujitsu, Cool King, and more.

Give us a call to speak with a heat pump expert today.