Kelowna Hot Water Heaters: Tank Installation, Repair & Maintenance | Vision Mechanical Ltd.
Kelowna Hot Water Heaters: Tank Installation, Repair & Maintenance | Vision Mechanical Ltd.
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Hot Water Tanks Kelowna

Kelowna Hot Water Heaters

Kelowna Water Heater Solutions

 Your hot water heater can be one of your biggest uses of energy.  After all, heating water take a lot of energy.  When the time comes to install a new water heater in Kelowna, we will help supply, install and maintain it over the years.  Ensuring your hot water tank runs at high efficiency for years to come.

While we perform service and maintenance on all models of residential hot water tanks, as hot water tank installers we carry and install best brands like John Woods, and Bradford White.

  • Storage Tank Hot Water Heaters

    • Constantly store heated water and are generally very economical while good for steady, high-use demand.

  • Tankless Water Heaters

    • Capable of providing an instant, endless supply of hot water to your Kelowna home. Because these heating systems function on an on-demand basis, they don’t require a holding tank to store pre-warmed water. No storage or holding reserve means that tankless water heaters have a life span that’s twice as long as traditional systems because the risk of rust and corrosion is significantly lowered.
    • We supply and install brands like John Wood, Bradford White, Rheem, Navien, Rinnai, and more.

  • Gas or Electric

    • We supply and install both gas and electric hot water heaters in Kelowna and can provide you with expert advise allowing you to make the right choice for your home.

  • Water Heater Repair Services

    • We’d be happy to make a visit to your residence to evaluate your current hot water system for FREE. One of our expert technicians will take a look at your water heater and surrounding assembly, as well as the type of dwelling in which you live (size, age and other factors). That way we’ll be able to determine what your best course of action is. In some cases, you may not need anything new. We’re not interested in charging you for anything that you don’t need, and we’re committed to transparency when it comes to assessment and estimates. Should we determine that new parts or systems are warranted, we’ll give you our professional opinion on the best option(s) for your water heating needs. We’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective solution, and we’ll answer all questions you may have. Find out what Vision Mechanical can do for you.

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We Supply & Install Brands Like