Kitec Piping

Kitec Piping was widely used in the mid 1990’s to late 2000’s. However they have been recalled and now need to be replaced. 

Contact us to discuss Kitec in your building and what your next steps are.

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Kitec Piping Systems were widely used in plumbing in the mid 1990’s to late 2000’s. Unfortunately, this type of pipe and fittings were recalled due to their quick deterioration. Thousands of homes have experienced flooding which eventually led to a class action lawsuit. What home and property owners are finding now is that they are no longer covered for water damage if they have Kitec pipes since the claim deadline was January 9, 2020. 

What’s more, there are hundreds of thousands of buildings across Canada that still need Kitec Pipe Replacements to avoid the risk of catastrophic damage. This adds extra pressure on Strata’s for emergency Kitec restoration costs so the building remains insured. 

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So you have Kitec Piping

Now What?

So you have discovered that you have Kitec Piping and are wondering what to do next.

There is a simple process to follow and at Vision Mechanical, we specialize in the planning and execution of Kitec piping replacement. We work seamlessly as a group to create a hassle-free experience for buildings in Kelowna and the surrounding area. Our experts guide you from the engineering and legal council, to the plumbing and restoration requirements. 

When faced with a need for Kitec restoration, the approach for a Strata is a little different.  A Strata will need to have a plan of action submitted within a year of discovering they have Kitec that needs replacing. A special assessment is often required for the Strata to pay for the restoration as it becomes a large project.

Our experience with these large projects is unparalleled. We work directly with the Strata from start to finish and offer support through the entirety of the project. Our past clients can attest to the restoration being done in a timely and efficient manner so as not to intrude in the private space of the homeowners.

Next Steps

For Kitec Restoration

Please contact us to discuss the Next Steps for Restoration. If your building is experiencing leaking Kitec pipe please send us a message to book a consultation. There are a number of resources available to you that can help you and your building’s homeowners through this challenging time.

We look forward to working with you to ease your mind and create a plan that best suits your property’s needs.

Contact us at 250-470-9552 or e-mail to discuss your Kitec Restoration.