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Leaking Toilets & Faucets

Quality plumbing repairs and replacements for all leaky faucets & toilets in the Kelowna & Okanagan region.

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Leaking Toilets & Faucets Service

What you might see as a minor annoyance can actually waste massive amounts of water if left untreated, costing you money on your next water bill. Avoid unnecessary costs with our full plumbing service for toilets & faucets!

Repairs for Leaking toilets

Avoid Unexpected Water Bill Spikes

A fully functional toilet is something you never appreciate until it stops working. If your toilet is leaking or stopped working, our plumbing professionals will fix the problem and ensure your system is setup to stay problem free. A leaking toilet is usually the cause of large, unexpected spike in your water bill, especially if you live in a home with multiple people. Keep your toilets working when you need them and avoid wasting your money on high bills with Vision Mechanical Ltd.’s plumbing service.

repairing a leaky toilet
fixing a leaking toilet

Repairs for Leaking faucets

Avoid Further Issues With Us

While a leaky faucet might not waste the same amount of water that a toilet is capable of, it still comes with its own host of problems. In addition to costing you more money on your water bill, a leaky faucet can contribute to rust on your fixture and sink. Unwanted annoyances such as the constant sound of water dripping or squeaky faucets. Our licensed plumbers will repair or replace your faucet at an affordable price, ensuring it runs smoothly into the future.

The signs of a leaking Toilets & Faucets

Catch Problems Early

If a leaky fixture goes unnoticed for an extended period of time, you will notice it on your next water bill. Avoid this by keeping in mind the tell tale signs of a leaky fixture so you can have it repaired swiftly at an affordable price. Some signs of a leaky faucet or toilet include:

  • Unusual or rotten odour in the bathroom
  • Faucets squeak when turned on/off
  • Rust appearing on faucets & around sink drains
  • Bubbling/odd noises around toilet
repairing a leaking sink
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Wasn’t actually a customer but perhaps wish I was. Vision provided the time and expertise to advise on a previous job by another service. Based on the reviews I see below and even my brief experience, I see why their service is well liked. Customer service seems to be quite important to them considering I wasn’t even a customer.
Chris Mayeda, Your Content Goes Here
I called Vision on the Sunday night, my hot water tank died after a good life. Reception was so efficient. I sent photos and they arrived with everything they needed and I had a new tank being put in by 9am. Hot water 4 hours later.The guys were respectful and tidy. Thanks so much you guys!!!!!
Kim Prost, Your Content Goes Here
We are repeat customers of Vision Mechanical and their service again has been top notch. The quote, follow through and finished products have been seamless. We have appreciated the communication throughout. A small case in point… when the city inspector had a question about the installation, the Vision Mechanical staff took the phone call immediately. We’d recommend them in a heartbeat.
Diane G, Your Content Goes Here
Excellent service across the board. When I called to set up our appointment the receptionist was warm and friendly. Upon arrival and throughout service Jeff (the tech) was very thorough and helpful in explaining exactly what he was doing to get our furnace up and running again. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you Vision Mechanical!
Aric Pihrag, Your Content Goes Here
The best, most honest plumbing and heating folks in the valley. They were creative and helpful at solving my problem. STRONGLY recommend Vision Mechanical!!!
John Logel, Your Content Goes Here
Installed a new hot water tank, humidifier on the furnace and new faucet in the kitchen. Great service as always. Thanks to Steve Justin and James – you guys are awesome!! Very knowledgeable and excellent service!
Judy Geddes, Your Content Goes Here

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