All About HVAC Load Calculation

In any residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC design, it is essential for design architect, engineers and contractors to carry out a load calculation. Besides the fact that it is important for occupant comfort, it is equally needed in order to prevent indoor air quality (IAQ) problems.

Understanding Load Calculation

A load calculation is a method and technique through which HVAC experts determine the accurate size for your home’s HVAC equipment, whether you’re just building a new home or installing new HVAC equipment. Load calculation considers several factors and arrives at the numbers that best represent the entire heating and cooling requirements of your home. Some years back, load calculation used to depend solely on square footage, but in recent years the formula has become more complex and accurate.

Factors That Influence a Home’s Heating and Cooling Needs

An HVAC load calculation evaluates different parts of a home to accurately determine what size, style, and application of HVAC system will be the most efficient and cost-effective, including:

  1. The complete square footage of the home where air will circulate
  2. The location, density, and integrity of insulation in the home
  3. The size of living space on each level, including the basement and attic
  4. What landscaping surrounds the home and provides shading
  5. Window support and treatments to keep the sun out, such has curtains, shades, and blinds.
  6. The condition and scale of the ductwork
  7. The Benefits of an HVAC Load Calculation

An appropriate HVAC load calculation will assist you in getting the right size system for maximum comfort and efficiency. The right size system will also help you minimize energy usage by not excessively heating or cooling your home, which thereby reduces your utility bills. An HVAC load calculation can also help troubleshoot larger issues with regards to heating and cooling your home that might need to be solved prior to the HVAC system being installed, such as a broken thermostat or ductwork repairs.

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