Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services Across The Okanagan

Avoid Costly Repairs

Having a maintenance plan for your Commercial HVAC system will ensure it runs through the summer, keeping customers, clients, tenants, and employees happy. A healthy and well-kept AC unit will also reduce your energy bills by operating at peak efficiency.

It will also ensure your unit can reach its maximum lifespan, avoiding a costly premature replacement.

Vision Tech working

Commercial Properties

Tailored HVAC Maintenance Program

Commercial properties have a range of purposes and as such, their equipment can differ greatly from building to building. Each HVAC maintenance program is tailored to the needs of the property so there are options for bi-yearly or quarterly services.

Due to unforeseen changes with the building manager responsibilities, we also include a schedule of duties to be performed. This strengthens the relationship with the building as all parties are aware of the work being done or scheduled to be done.

HVAC Maintenance Programs

Includes Service Calls

As a member of our commercial HVAC Maintenance Program, you receive preferred hourly rates and dispatch charges. This applies to any service calls – including plumbing repairs. Buildings that we service are also added to our Priority & Emergency Booking list.

When you’re in need of commercial HVAC maintenance services, Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling goes above and beyond to take care of you and your equipment.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a quote for a new HVAC Program, please email and our HVAC team will be in touch.

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Vision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a trusted plumbing and heating company serving Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley since 1986, known for our high standards, ethical practices, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Kaylyn RobinsonKaylyn Robinson
15:13 14 Dec 23
Highly recommend this company. After contacting numerous plumbing companies, and having a couple no-shows and getting the run around, I reached out to Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling. The booking process was easy, they showed up on time, and Esteban (the technician) was very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. I will certainly use this company again, should I need them in the future.
16:28 12 Dec 23
I used vission plumbing for few jobs in my house. Vision plumbing team is awesome. The house is old and I had to change and fix many things, from changing pipes to fixing bath overflow and installing dishwasher. Vision team helped me with all that. I had hired, unfortunately, another company (Bee's knees plumbing and heating) to install furnace and they did so wrong that I had flood in my basement for a month. I called again Dave, they came, found problem and fixed everything for me. I am definitely taking this company for any future jobs that I will have in the house. I trust them and I know I won't have any problems after they leave. Dave is amazing. For any issue he explained me what is going on and how they can fix that. Every worker from vision was very profesional and respectful. Great job vision team!!!
Roy AndersonRoy Anderson
22:22 11 Dec 23
Jeff came as a follow up visit and didn’t take long to diagnose the problem and find a solution. Fireplace now operating efficiently, Thank you!
Graham BenderGraham Bender
00:17 01 Dec 23
Problem solved quickly and then offered to do another small job because of minimum one hour charge. That is extraordinary.
Junya NakamuraJunya Nakamura
16:10 30 Nov 23
Contacted with them and had responses right away. Had choice of 7am!! Or 3 pm and picked 7pm. Tech: Esteban showed up on time, fixed the problem. Explained about his work and cost. Employing good employees must be good company. They also do commercial work, they did some of the work at my restaurant and again I had no issue at all and did great job!! Highly recommended!!
That FarmThat Farm
04:15 18 Nov 23
Levi expertly tuned up the Natgas fireplace. Excellent work!! Timely and professional. Thank you.
Joanna FoxJoanna Fox
19:22 16 Nov 23
The BEST customer service and knowledgeable maintenance. Thank you Jeff, we are so happy to have our gas fireplace up and running again! ♡ Highly recommend!!!
Barb MacWilliamsBarb MacWilliams
06:58 08 Nov 23
Very happy with Jeff’s work on my old fireplace which needed cleaning and maintenance. Excellent communication and explanation of how things worked and what he was doing.
Brad KoppBrad Kopp
01:49 04 Nov 23
I have used Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling twice in the last six months, once to fix the condenser on the A/C and today to fix the furnace. They are a very responsive and professional company. I arrived home a few nights ago to find the house was an ice box as the furnace was not working. I called Vision the next day and within 24hrs they had a technician on site. His name was Jeff and he was a pleasure to deal with. He removed the motor on the furnace and showed me the source of the problem - two birds had gotten in through the exhaust vent and clogged the system so it shut itself down. He cleaned out the motor, reinstalled it and answered all of my questions. The charges were very reasonable for an hour of time spent at our home to fix the issue. I had a similar great experience with their technician in the summer time. I used Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling as prior to them I had used one of their competitors, Border Plumbing, and the experience was brutal. They sent a technician to diagnose a noisy water pipe in our mechanical room. The tech was onsite for 25min and he told me the problem was in the irrigation line, which I already knew. Then he was done and I got a bill for twice as much as what Vision charged, but Vision actually spent an hour to fix something. Border told me after the first 15min the price goes up, and in response to the negative review I wrote, they said that the technician had to drive for ~50min to get to our place, so they allocated one hour and 17 minutes to the service call, hence the charge. Jeff from Vision had to drive to our place in Kelowna from West Kelowna, spent an hour at the house, fixed a real issue with our furnace, and Vision charged half as much. Use Vision.
Valerie MarshinewValerie Marshinew
01:12 03 Nov 23
We had work done on our plumbing manifolds and most valves in our house . Although Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling were the most second most expensive of the four plumbing quotes we chose them. Michelle was terrific to deal with in the phone being very professional and friendly. On the day of the work Alex and Keenan arrived on time. Both were professional and courteous. They were very helpful and ensured we understood the work being performed and answered all of our questions. I give this company 5/5 for their service performed and I would hire them again. Thank You.Rick & Val MarshinewKelowna, BC
Abe GalAbe Gal
18:14 29 Oct 23
We had Jeff sevicing an oldish fireplace that would not start.We appriciate his vast experience and knowledge , fireplaceworks perfectly now. Cost was fair also. Abe
kevin tomaszewskikevin tomaszewski
01:37 24 Oct 23
I had a plumbing emergency spring up overnight and had to shut off the water supply to the house. They were able to make room for me in their busy schedule the next day and made the repairs I needed in a quick and timely manner. I would recommend Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling to anyone seeking plumbing services, in fact l am going to call them up for a larger job I've been planning for next year.
Shelah PansegrauShelah Pansegrau
23:12 23 Aug 23
Visions had excellent customer service and communication from the outset. Within two days of my request, Jeff came to diagnose and repair the pool heater. He is knowledgeable and respectful, thoroughly explaining the problem while repairing the heater. Thanks Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling!
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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Spring in Kelowna is just around the corner, so it’s time start thinking about your Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Plans. We will help you get your Commercial HVAC units ready to go.
Regular system checks for your commercial/business HVAC units can prevent costly breakdowns and emergency repair, which can lead to uncomfortably warm days.
While we offer our commercial clients a range of services for their seasonal equipment changes, we’ve identified some ‘non-negotiables’ to keep your system running efficiently.
Below are some items that should be checked regularly to prevent unnecessary stress on your HVAC unit:

Check Air Filters and Replace if needed

dirty air filter
Air Filters should be checked monthly to see if they are dirty or clogged. As part of our service we’ll check these as per a negotiated schedule. However, if your building has a maintenance manager or on-site handyman, you may want to have them check regularly.
Additionally, your home may have commercial grade units which will require a maintenance program that supports changing filters often enough to maintain efficient operation.
Unsure if they’re dirty?  Take your filter out and hold it up to a bright light source, if you can’t see through it then it needs to be changed.
If they look like the image on the right, replace them right away.

Clean HVAC Unit

Don’t forget to clean your HVAC Unit! Both indoor and outdoor units need to ensure they are free of dirt, dust, mud, and vegetation.
This way the airflow is not restricted, and you can get better performance from your HVAC system.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Commercial HVAC UnitIt’s never to late to Schedule Preventative Maintenance for your commercial HVAC systems. We will send our trained team to inspect the cooling equipment, adjust control, lubricant parts, tighten components and ensure your systems are running smoothly.
Likewise, if your building employs an on-site technician, the maintenance department can be proactive with setting up a schedule that works for specific buildings and their needs. It’s easy to forget how long it’s been between visual checks and scheduled maintenance, so we recommend always marking something as a recurring event. This way you’re always covered!
Preventative Maintenance is a valuable service that can:

  • Lower heating & cooling bills
  • Minimize risk of major failure
  • Extend equipment life
  • Minimize emergency service calls

Start getting ready for the hot summer months now and contact Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling by calling 250-470-9552 or e-mail