Five Reasons To Maintain Your Air Conditioner & Heat Pump

Most homeowners only think about servicing their air conditioner or heat pump when it is causing problems.  Why service something that is working well?  However, having a yearly service plan to maintain your air conditioner and heat pump can actually save you money and make your unit last longer.

Rather than thinking about a maintenance plan as being a costly expense, a plan of regular maintenance for your air conditioner or furnace from a professional company provides many benefits.

Remember that time your A/C stopped working mid summer? Neither do we thanks to proper maintenance!”


Prevent costly surprise repairs and replacements with an air conditioner system maintenance plan

Just like regular service for your vehicle, a plan of regular service for your air conditioner prevents expensive and inconvenient surprise breakdowns.  No one wants their A/C unit breaking down on a hot July weekend, and a regular maintenance plan can ensure it is working well year round.

Having your system inspected, cleaned and serviced before the start of the busy season and then again when it has been working hard gives you the peace of mind that it is in top shape.  A professional company such as Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling can detect any significant maintenance concerns before they become expensive and inconvenient problems.


Save money on your power bill with a well maintained air conditioning unit

A regularly serviced, well-tuned air conditioning unit runs more efficiently, saving you money on your utility bills.  In addition to the savings in power costs, a well-functioning unit will operate more quietly and efficiently.  During a service, your unit is cleaned and maintained, leading to lower power bills and better cooling.


Improve your air quality with proper maintenance of an air conditioner system

A clean air conditioner provides your home with clean air.  Any dirt or other particles such as dust, pollen or pet hair that are in your air conditioning unit will be passed into your home’s air.  By cleaning and servicing your air conditioning unit regularly you ensure that the air you breathe is cleaner and healthier.

You want the cleanest, healthiest air for your home and family.  Regular maintenance of your system can help achieve this.


Extend the life of your air conditioning unit by maintaining your air conditioning system

Replacing an air conditioning system can be very expensive, and inconvenient.  By regularly servicing and cleaning your unit, you extend its life.  The system operates more efficiently and therefore will last longer.

No one wants the inconvenience of a system that stops working in the summer and is expensive to replace.  A regular maintenance plan will detect issues before they become serious and will maximize the lifespan of your air conditioner.

A maintenance plan for your air conditioning & heat pump can provide you with comfort and confidence

Knowing that your air conditioning unit is serviced and maintained provides peace of mind.  It is one less thing that you need to worry about in your home or business.  When you contract with a professional firm for a regular maintenance program you know that you have the most efficient air conditioning and the fewest problems and headaches.

There are many reasons to book a regular maintenance plan for your air conditioning unit or furnace.  Contact the professional team at Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling in Kelowna today and we can provide you with a estimate and overview of our service plans.  A maintenance plan from Vision Plumbing, Heating and Cooling will ensure that your cooling needs are well looked after this summer.