How often should I change my filter or have my furnace cleaned?

How often should I change my filter or have my furnace cleaned?  A quick guide to regular furnace maintenance from the experts at Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling.

While your furnace is a very hard working and low maintenance piece of equipment, especially compared to the other appliances in your home, it does require some basic cleaning and maintenance to keep it running efficiently.  Are you finding that your furnace is running harder and producing less heat?  A furnace that is dirty burns more fuel and is less efficient.  In addition, running your furnace dirty can shorten its life.

The easiest thing that you can do for furnace maintenance is to regularly change your filter.  Experts suggest changing your furnace filter at least once per month during the heating season for optimal usage.   Is there a certain day of the month that you pay bills or do other household duties?  If so, work changing your furnace filter into your routine.  This easy and simple task will reduce the dust in your home and keep your furnace working efficiently.  If you are not using your furnace a lot and are unsure if the filter needs cleaning, just hold it up to the light.  If it looks clogged, replace it with a new filter.  Likewise, if it is very cold and the furnace is running continuously, or if your house is particularly dusty (due to renovation, construction, or pets) the filter may need to be changed more often.  Please ensure that you are replacing the filter with one of the same size and type.  If you are unsure please call us at Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling and we would be happy to help.

In addition to changing your own filters, it is important to have your furnace professionally serviced once per year.  A professional cleaning will make your furnace more efficient and can extend its life.  As well, during a routine servicing you can detect problems before they become larger issues and may prevent breakdowns from happening.  It is much easier to schedule a service when you want it than to be calling for service when there is an emergency.  A professional service ensures peak efficiency and can lower your heating bill.

While you are having your furnace serviced, have your water tank and your Air Conditioning unit checked at the same time.  It may not feel like it in Kelowna today but it will soon be time to switch to AC and you will know that your unit is functioning optimally and ready for the Okanagan summer.  While you don’t have to do much with your AC in the off season, please ensure that you prevent snow and ice from building up on your AC blades as this can cause damage.

This is the ideal time to have our friendly and qualified team service and evaluate your furnace, AC and hot water tank for you.  Let Vision ensure your comfort this winter and have you ready for spring.

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