Kelowna Air Conditioning: Save Money with an Efficient New A/C Unit

You can almost hear the hum of all the air conditioners on your block, spinning as they churn out the cool air we all crave in the Okanagan. With another hot summer upon us, our Kelowna air conditioning team says you might want to switch to a more energy efficient A/C unit so you can bask in a cool house without worrying about how much it’s costing.

If your existing A/C unit is almost ready to retire and you live in the scorching hot Kelowna area, you’re probably going to see big savings by upgrading to a much more efficient Energy Star-qualified model.

Tips for choosing a more efficient central air conditioner:

Look for a SEER rating of 13 or higher
An air conditioner is measured for how efficient the unit is over a full cooling season, and then it’s given a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). You’ll find a SEER rating on the unit’s EnerGuide label.

Our Kelowna A/C experts say you want to look for an air conditioner with a high SEER rating. The higher, the better. Your old air conditioner, for example, probably has a SEER rating of less than 10. Some of today’s most efficient A/C units have a SEER rating of more than 20. High SEER number means you’re going save big bucks on your energy bill this summer.

Remember that bigger isn’t better
When it comes to home appliances, we’re often attracted to larger models in the belief they’ll be able to do the job better. Not true.

Many of today’s units, even for commercial spaces, are better off with a smaller unit. Why? Because oversized A/C units will run intense, short cycles to cool an area faster, but they won’t be able to get rid of humidity, and that could leave your home feeling cold and damp instead of cool and dry.

Your Kelowna air conditioner sales and service team can give you advice about the size and model that’s right for your space and your needs.

Think about all the energy and money you’ll be saving
When you’re investing in a new air conditioner, don’t look at the price tag as face value. If you live in a hot area like the Okanagan and you enjoy having a cool house, the more you’ll save by upgrading.

Energy Star room air conditioners, a great alternative to central air, are at least 10 per cent more efficient than standard models, and they’re really not much more expensive, so that added difference could pay for itself in a summer.

If a new A/C unit isn’t in the budget this year, read our post How to Get Your A/C Ready for Summer so you can enjoy savings and energy efficiency.

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