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Kelowna Air Conditioning: Three Pre-Summer Maintenance Tips

Kelowna Air Conditioning: Three Pre-Summer Maintenance Tips

Finally, it’s spring has arrived. Here in the Okanagan, it doesn’t take long for summer temperatures to set in. To help ensure you’ll have all the cool air you need indoors, our Kelowna air conditioning experts have prepared a list of pre-season a/c maintenance tips.

There’s nothing worse than a broken air conditioning system in the midst of an Okanagan heat wave. You can help avoid costly HVAC repairs and keep your air conditioner running at peak performance when you follow these simple tips.

Three Tips To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

1. Replace your air conditioning filter
You’ll want to start the spring and summer with a clean air filter. If there’s any dirt or debris on your filter, it’s going to restrict air flow and make your a/c system less efficient.

Cool air travels through your home using the same duct system used by your furnace. So, your HVAC system uses the same filter for your furnace and your air conditioner. To help you make swapping out filters easy, read our post on How to Change Your Furnace Filter.

Throughout the spring and summer, be sure to check and replace your filter for maximum efficiency. Make a note on the fridge calendar or in your smart phone to remind you about this important step our Kelowna air conditioner team doesn’t want you to forget.

2. Clean your outdoor a/c unit
Over the winter, a lot of debris can pile up around your air conditioning unit outside. During your spring clean-up in the yard, make sure you clear your unit of any leaves, dirt or garbage.

This is important because your a/c unit needs to bring cool air in and send hot air out; it can’t do that very well with grass or garbage in the way. You want to do everything you can to make it easy for your air conditioner to do its job.

3. Book a tune-up with a professional Kelowna air conditioning technician
How much do you love having cool air circulate through your home to make every room comfortable, even when it’s scorching hot outside? To extend the life of your air conditioner and keep it working at peak efficiency, have a professional inspect your HVAC system in the spring and fall so little problems, like leaks, are spotted before their turn into big ones, like broken compressors.

If your air conditioner isn’t emitting enough cool air, or not in every room when you turn it on at the start of the cooling season, be sure to have it looked at right away.

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