Above and Beyond Service in Restoring Our AC and Furnace

Steve was thrown into a nightmare of a situation of ours. We had had 2 years (and approx 8 visits) from other local businesses trying to get our AC to work as it had when it was first installed about 7 years ago. After one diagnostic visit, Steve had the part ordered and installed it a few weeks later. WOW AC again. But it doesn’t end there! After 4 weeks of things running well the blower motor went (unrelated to the previous repair). With the help of Brandi (and probably others), they located a motor for this furnace in the Southern USA. It took approximately 3+ weeks to get the motor because of all the screw-ups from the supplier. Steve came over at 6 pm to install it the day they received the part. This team went above and beyond to help us out. I have been referring everyone I speak to Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling. Fair pricing, exceptional service, and great diagnostic technicians. Thanks, Steve, Brandi and the team at Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling.