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There are different HVAC providers available on the market today and the quality of service offered also differs from one provider to another. There are several things to look out for when selecting a company to handle the heating and cooling system of your house....

In any residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC design, it is essential for design architect, engineers and contractors to carry out a load calculation. Besides the fact that it is important for occupant comfort, it is equally needed in order to prevent indoor air quality...

Air Conditioning is great, and is certainly a blessing in the sweltering heat of summer. Without them, our lives could be quite unpleasant, as you can imagine. We use them in our homes, offices, cars; air conditioners have made our lives a whole lot easier....

You may not be thinking about your furnace or fireplace during the summer heat, but if you have your furnace or boiler and/or fireplace serviced by September 30, 2015 you may qualify for a $25 rebate on each—one for your heating system and one for your fireplace—for a total of $50.  You may qualify for this rebate if you are a FortisBC residential natural gas customer and have the service carried out before September 30 by a licensed natural gas contractor such as Vision Mechanical Ltd.

Do you need a new furnace?  Act now and you could receive up to $800 from FortisBC towards a new energy efficient furnace.  Vision Mechanical can help you qualify for and receive this rebate if you act before July 20, 2015.  Contact us today!