Here Comes Fall! 

We are still enjoying warm summer afternoons, but fall is right around the corner.  While you may still be running your air conditioner rather than your furnace, now is the time to make sure your home and furnace are ready for winter.  By properly preparing now, you can ensure that you stay warm this [...]

Why would you Service your Furnace in the Summer?

As we head into summer in the Okanagan, scheduling an appointment to service your furnace is probably the last thing on your mind. [bctt tweet="You're thinking about A/C, barbequing and the beach, not your furnace." username="VisionMech"]   Now is the perfect time to have your furnace and heating system inspected, [...]

What Makes The Best HVAC Repair Company In Kelowna BC

Has your furnace malfunctioned? Is your air conditioner not working as it should? Well, if you are a resident of Kelowna BC, you need to find the best HVAC repair company. Yes, you might be tempted to fix the issues on your own but if you are not a professional [...]

Avoid Heating Problems And Furnace Breakdowns

In the fall, when the weather starts to turn cooler, many people switch on their furnaces for the first time to stay warm. Unfortunately, many of these same people do not bother to have their furnace inspected and maintained before they turn it on for the first time. Doing so [...]

How often should I change my filter or have my furnace cleaned?

How often should I change my filter or have my furnace cleaned?  A quick guide to regular furnace maintenance from the experts at Vision Mechanical. While your furnace is a very hard working and low maintenance piece of equipment, especially compared to the other appliances in your home, it does [...]

How long should my furnace last?

As we turn on our furnaces for another season, many people ask, “How long should my furnace last?” Your furnace’s life expectancy depends on the quality of the furnace you had installed, running conditions, maintenance and cleanliness.  The short answer is 18 to 22 years, but there is a lot [...]

Thinking about an On-demand Water Heater in Kelowna?

They save you heaps of space and even more money, so what else do you need to know about tankless or on-demand water heaters? Technology and energy savvy homeowners revel in all the wonderful features of on-demand water heaters, but, as our Kelowna heating experts explain, you need to make [...]

Our Furnace Team Loves Armstrong Air Products

Next to your refrigerator, your furnace might be your hardest working appliance. Furnaces have a big job, and you need yours to heat your home efficiently for years. As the Kelowna furnace experts, that’s why we use HVAC products from the most trusted name in the industry—Armstrong Air. It’s important [...]

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