Dirty Furnace Linked to Nightclub Fire

Firefighters were called to a Kelowna nightclub Friday night after a puff of black smoke from a dirty furnace forced patrons outside.

Platoon Captain Dale Calhoun told Castanet News the club owners had failed to get their furnace cleaned before starting it up for the first time.

“The furnace kicked on last night and a puff of black smoke came through there, which is just (from) dust collection,” he said. “They just turned off their furnaces and are going to get them cleaned this morning and take a look and see if there was any damage.”

The call was the third in 48 hours related to a dirty furnace.

“It’s that time of year where the furnaces are starting to kick on and I just want to remind everybody to get them serviced and cleaned up.”

Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling’s John Watson says its important homeowners change their filter and have their furnace cleaned professionally before restarting it each fall. To book an appointment, call 250 470-9552.