Giving Your Gas Fireplace and Furnace Some TLC

Whether you heat your home with a furnace or gas fireplace, gas heating appliances need proper maintenance in order to continue to function reliably, and at top efficiency. The cost of heating is always a concern for homeowners, and naturally you want you gas appliances running well to ensure your gas bill stays low. But most homeowners don’t perform maintenances on their gas appliances nearly often enough.

The heart of heating your home, your gas furnace needs regular TLC to ensure its running efficiently and that all safety systems are functioning properly. A regular furnace service performed by a qualified technician will include:

  • checking operation of safety limit controls, temperature set points, thermostat, blower, pressure switches pilot light, gas piping and CO levels
  • lubricating blower and motor bearings • burner and blower inspection

There are few things that warm quite like a glowing fire on a cold winter’s night. But that warm glow can feel a lot less cozy when the cost of running your gas fireplace is heating up your gas bills. When servicing your fireplace, a qualified service technician will:

  • clean the glass
  • inspect the burner, gas valve, pilot system, door gaskets, venting and air openings

Routine maintenance on your gas fireplace and furnace has numerous benefits. Having a qualified technician come and perform the service has numerous benefits. They will perform an inspection to detect if there are any leaks in your gas piping; check and replace your furnace filter; inspect the area around your appliances to ensure there is proper ventilation and that no combustibles are nearby; and using a combustion analyzer, they will test to see if your furnace is operating as efficiently as possible.

Keep in mind, some furnace and fireplace manufacturers require regular servicing to ensure your warranty remains valid.

When getting your heating systems get much deserved attention, don’t forget about your hot water tank. When you sign up for a Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling service program for your furnace or fireplace, you sign up to have a 2nd appliance serviced, such as your hotwater tank, to be added to the agreement. We offer a $20.00 discount for the second appliance, and up to $35.00 off your total bill for the 3rd appliance added to your service agreement.

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