8 Top Tips to improve your Air Conditioner efficiency this Summer

It is about to get hot in the Okanagan.  As the warm weather arrives, your air conditioning unit is about to work hard, which can mean expensive power bills. What can you do to help your system run as efficiently and effectively as possible?

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  1. Barbeque or cook outside
    Nothing says summer like backyard grilling and fresh salads.  Your stove and oven are major sources of heat in your home.  By moving your cooking outdoors you keep your home cooler and get to enjoy summer!
  2. Install a ceiling fan or buy a portable fan
    Electric fans can circulate cooler air in your home without consuming significant energy.  By keeping the air circulating you can run your A/C less, especially at night.
  3. Turn the system off when it is isn’t needed.
    Some people believe it is cheaper to leave the A/C running than to stop and start it.   This isn’t true.  Turning the system off when you don’t need it can have a big impact on your power bill.  A programmable thermostat can also help save energy.
  4. Book a service call
    Have a professional service and clean your air conditioning unit.  A well maintained unit runs more efficiently and quietly.
  5. Cool off in the basement.
    Your basement is likely several degrees cooler than the rest of your home – spend time there on warm afternoons and your system won’t have to work as hard.
  6. Consider the location of your external A/C unit.
    An A/C unit that is in the shade runs much more efficiently than one in direct sun.  Consider moving or shading your unit for better performance (but check with a professional first to ensure you have adequate airflow and clearance).
  7. Replace your A/C with a more efficient unit
    Newer cooling systems may be much more efficient.  Consult with a professional and see if a more energy efficient unit is right for you.
  8. Use the fan when you shower
    Like your kitchen appliances, showers can add heat and moisture to your home.  Run the bathroom fan and consider using a downstairs bathroom to improve comfort.


All of these tips can improve your air conditioning efficiency, lower your utility bill and improve your comfort this summer.

If you do need maintenance, service or cleaning of your cooling system, or more advice, contact the Cooling Experts at Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling  Vision Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, for all your air conditioning needs!