How Water Smart are you?!?

The Okanagan is hot and dry.  

We all know to conserve water, but are you doing all you can?  

You can save water both inside and outside the house, ensuring that we all get through this hot summer!

Limiting water use is not just about conservation, it will also reduce your utility bill.  Water conservation does not have to be expensive or time consuming.  These easy tips can help you limit your water use both in your yard and at home without any major inconvenience.  In addition, ensuring that your plumbing fixtures and irrigation are all working well will ensure that you are doing your part this summer.

As we reach the peak of summer, being water smart outdoors is critical.  

Here are some simple tips to reduce your water use and still keep a great looking yard:

  • Set your lawn mower blades to 9cm or higher.  This simple step can reduce your water consumption by up to 400 liters per week!  Your lawn will still look green and great and you will be doing your part to conserve our precious water resource;
  • Plant drought resistant trees, shrubs and plants.  The right choice of plants, while still looking great, can save up to 120 to 240 liters of water per watering!  Ask your gardening or landscape centre for advice;
  • Place mulch in your garden beds.  A good layer of inexpensive mulch will keep your beds moist and save on water use;
  • Install a smart irrigation system.  Irrigating with a timer will minimize water use and keep your yard looking green and beautiful.

In the summer we often focus on outdoor water use, with news reports of limits on lawn watering, however you can do a lot indoor to reduce your water usage and reduce your utility bill.

These top tips are easy to implement and can greatly reduce your water consumption:

  • Fix any leaks in your home – one leaky faucet can drain over 400 liters each month!  Check your sinks, bathtubs, and outside hose bibs. 
  • Fill the bathtub halfway or less – this simple tip can save up to 45 liters per bath!  You can still enjoy a warm bath and know that you are helping conserve water;
  • Recycle indoor water and use it to water your plants, or collect rainwater.  When you are rinsing vegetables keep the water and reuse it for your plants.  Again, this simple step can save hundreds of liters of water per month and reduce your water bill;
  • Install high efficiency toilets.  This step can save up to 80 liters of water per person per day – this is huge! 
  • Turn off the water when brushing or shaving.  This might seem simple but it can save a lot of water every day!
  • Shower for only five minutes per day.  Does this sound difficult? Try setting a timer and soon it will be a habit.  This can save up to 50 liters of water per person per shower.

These simple steps will ensure that you are doing your part to conserve water in our valley this summer and will reduce your utility bill.

A key part of water conservation is ensuring that all of your plumbing is in top shape.  

Stopping drips and leaks is a key part of minimizing water usage.  High efficiency fixtures will also ensure that you are only using the water that you need.  

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