Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

Isn’t it nice waking up to a warm house every morning? It’s easy to forget that one of your most important appliances—your furnace—is hard at work heating your house. You can ensure your furnace runs all winter long at peak efficiency by making sure a few tasks get done annually.

At Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling, we perform annual furnace maintenance to give our customers peace of mind and a cozy home. We provide the expertise, and our customers receive lower heating bill and avoid furnace costly repairs.

In order to get your furnace ready for winter, here are the top 5 tasks we recommend you have your furnace service technician perform during the winter maintenance visit.

1. Clean the exterior
Since your furnace is deep in the basement, dust, bugs and lint can collect on the surface. One of the first things our technicians do when we arrive to prepare your furnace for the winter months is to clean the exterior.

2. Clear the furnace, air ducts and return vent areas
It is always important to ensure your furnace is clear from items you may be storing near your furnace, particularly flammable items. It’s also important to clear vents of any fallen objects like coins or toys.

3. Replace the filter
Your furnace filter should be changed regularly, but it’s especially important just before winter. Changing out a used, dirty filter prolongs the health and efficiency of your furnace. When getting your furnace ready for winter, we will change out your filter and ensure that the filter we install meets furnace warranty requirements.

4. Inspect burner
Dirty burners not only affect the health and efficiency of your furnace, but also the health and safety of your home. Our qualified service technicians will inspect your furnace’s burners and make any needed adjustments to keep your furnace burning clean all winter long.

5. Vacuum the burners
If you see dust in and around your furnace, it needs to be vacuumed; especially the burners. When your furnace burners are free of dust and dirt, it will run more efficiently and have a longer life.

As always, when you have a Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling service technician come to inspect and care for your furnace, we will check for leaks and gases as well as inspect your furnace’s efficiency to keep your family safe and warm.

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