Why You Should Choose Natural Gas For Your Home

When it comes to heating their homes, Canadians by and large choose either natural gas or electric heating systems. In BC however, 52% of people choose to heat and fuel their home using natural gas. The reasons why British Columbians choose natural gas is varied, but primarily, people choose natural gas to heat their homes, water, and to fuel large appliances because it makes good sense.

This is even more true for those living in Kelowna. The Okanagan lifestyle we love, the warm summer evenings grilling dinner, and the cold winter days snuggled by the fireplace after a morning of skiing, goes hand in hand with having natural gas in our homes. Whether it’s to heat your home or power your appliances, there are many great reasons to choose natural gas.

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One of the reasons Natural Gas is the popular choice for people living in Kelowna is because it is so versatile. Many may use natural gas everyday and not even realize it. Natural gas can be used to heat your water and living space, as well as your dryer and fireplace. When life takes you outdoors, natural gas can be used to power your grill and patio heater.


Did you know that natural gas heating equipment, like furnaces for example, are up to 98 per cent efficient? This is great news when you’re looking to help lower your energy costs. The range and diversity of heating solutions available to those looking to switch to natural gas has never been better. Plus, you can save even more with Fortis BC’s Switch ‘n’ Shrink rebate.


Most importantly, natural gas is an environmentally friendly way to heat and power your home. Natural gas combustion emits almost 30 per cent less carbon dioxide than oil.

Taking the steps to switch to natural gas may not be as complicated as you think. Once your home is connected to natural gas, it’s easy to convert appliances or add additional gas appliances later on.