How Can You Protect Your Hardwood?

Humidify with Help from the Kelowna HVAC Experts

If you have hardwood floors, you know how precious they are, but you might not know there’s something you can do to help preserve them for years to come. Our Kelowna furnace professionals are getting more and more requests from homeowners who want to protect their hardwood with a flow-through humidifier.

Why does your hardwood flooring need a humidifier?

Dry hardwood can crack. In Kelowna’s dry climate, hardwood needs extra humidity to stay moist and prevent splitting.

In fact, many hardwood flooring manufacturers are now putting humidity requirements on their boxes so homeowners can see how critical humidity is to the health and life of their hardwood.

Flooring professionals should be making sure to acclimate your new hardwood to your home before installing. That way your wood gets infused with the amount of moisture that’s in keeping with your home and climate. But that’s just the first step.

For hardwood that stays pristine longer, homeowners must also bring the relative humidity of the home to the best level for the hardwood.

What is a flow-through humidifier?

The most efficient and effective way to ensure your home has the right amount of humidity to keep your hardwood moist is by using a flow-through humidifier.

Flow-through humidifiers turn on at the same time as your furnace, delivering fresh water through a filter so your entire home gets just the right amount of moisture.

Our Kelowna furnace experts install flow-through humidifiers you can easily adjust with the weather for best results.

For example, if the temperature outside is –7 C, you’d want a humidity of 35 per cent. If it’s 30 C or higher, as it often is in the Okanagan’s summer months, you’ll want your humidity to be less than 15 per cent. Most homes have a humidity level of about 40 per cent.

If you’ve invested in hardwood floors you love and you live in an arid area like the Okanagan, you can conveniently protect and take care of your hardwood with a flow-through humidifier.

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