Our Furnace Team Loves Armstrong Air Products

Next to your refrigerator, your furnace might be your hardest working appliance. Furnaces have a big job, and you need yours to heat your home efficiently for years. As the Kelowna furnace experts, that’s why we use HVAC products from the most trusted name in the industry—Armstrong Air.

It’s important to us that your furnace or air conditioner is built to last and keep your home at just the right temperature. Reliability, durability, comfort and efficiency—these are critical for your HVAC equipment. Armstrong Air delivers all of that, and more.

A leading manufacturer since 1928, many ask what makes Armstrong Air stand out from the competition, and why does Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling choose Armstrong Air for your home?

The most durable, comfortable heat exchange technology
Armstrong Air’s furnaces contain innovative heat exchangers that employ EXH Technology. Instead of welding, heat exchangers with EHX Technology are held together with crimping to improve durability and reduces heat strain fatigue. Plus, the crimping is designed to increase airflow, contact and heat transfer to make your home even warmer.

Peace (of mind) and quiet
You need an efficient furnace you can trust, but you also want it to be relatively quiet. Armstrong Air’s furnaces use a unique quiet combustion system with deeper fuel channels and more jets to reduce noise while increasing efficiency and reliability.

Accessibility from anywhere
When you’re traveling, wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind of knowing what your thermostat is set at? There are a range of Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats that offer are user-friendly and can easily control the temperature when you’re at home and away. There thermostats are connected to your home’s Wi-Fi so you can access them using a smartphone or computer anywhere in the world.

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In addition to several energy-saving features, many smart thermostats provide a live weather forecast so you can make the right choices about your temperature settings. Our Kelowna furnace repair and installation professionals are happy to show you how to use your Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat.

When you want your home or business’s HVAC equipment to stand the test of time, utility bills and the seasons, trust the commitment and craftsmanship behind Armstrong Air products and the Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling Kelowna furnace experts who can install them for you.

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