Tips to Prevent Flood Damage This Spring

If your home is close to water or has a basement, the smart move is to invest in reliable prevention solutions! For those in Kelowna or the Okanagan, you’re likely no stranger to the risks of flooding and the potential threats to your home. Especially during spring, the flood risk rises, thanks to the thawing snow and increased precipitation – a potentially hazardous mix. Here’s what you can do to protect your home this spring.

Check Your Sump Pump & Install a Backup Battery

Your sump pump is crucial for flood prevention in the spring. Make sure you check your sump pump to be sure it’s functioning properly. If you don’t already have one, install a backup battery so that your sump pump will still work in the event of a power failure. If your sump pump is getting old or malfunctioning, it may be time to install a new, more reliable unit.

Install a Flood Detector

A smart flood detector, such as the Sinope Sedna 5, is a great way to set your mind at ease if your home is prone to flooding. This device not only accurately identifies leaks through advanced sensors, but also takes immediate action by automatically closing the main valve, all while keeping you informed through notifications on your mobile phone. Reach out to us to learn more about tailoring leak and flood protection solutions to your unique requirements.

Inspect Pipes for Leaks

Make it a habit to inspect all of the visible pipes in your home in the early spring to help reduce the likelihood of water damage. Check them for leaks, signs of cracking, rust, discoloration, and any other damage. If you find anything, get it repaired right away. Even a hairline crack could turn into a big problem if you ignore it!

Know Who You’ll Call in the Event of Flooding

In case you do experience a flood, it’s a good idea to know in advance who to call to repair the damage. Vision’s team of plumbing experts is always available to fix and replace burst pipes, repair sump pumps, and assist with flood prevention measures to protect you next time. We can also connect you with reputable restoration specialists in the Okanagan Valley who can salvage any damaged belongings in the event of a flood.