Plumbing Maintenance You Should Do Annually

When was the last time you had any of these done? Read on to find out what annual plumbing maintenance services you should never skip.

Drain Cleaning

Having your drains professionally cleaned once a year helps to get rid of debris that can contribute to clogging in the future if left unchecked. Drain cleaning is important preventative maintenance that will save you from having to deal with clog-related plumbing emergencies down the road.

Hot Water Tank Flush

If you don’t flush out your hot water tank annually, mineral deposits will build up inside it, which will cause the tank to run less efficiently and increase monthly bills. These mineral deposits can even cause damage and cause your hot water tank to stop working if left for too long. Make it a habit to have your water heater flushed out once a year to ensure that it continues to work smoothly and efficiently.

Pipe Inspection

Having your pipes inspected once a year means that sneaky leaks, rust, and other damage will not go undetected. It is important to find and repair seemingly minor issues with your pipes because, if left unnoticed, these little problems will become worse and could result in a burst pipe and major water damage.

Boiler Service

Annual boiler service includes a full inspection and cleaning of the boiler, as well as any repairs as needed. This is essential because it ensures that your boiler is functioning properly and running efficiently, which in turn helps keep your monthly bills lower.

A/C Inspection

There’s nothing worse than hitting the first heat wave of the year, only to realize that your air conditioner isn’t working. To avoid this, have your cooling system inspected annually in the early spring, before the hot summer temperatures hit. This will help keep your A/C running smoothly and alert you to any repairs that need to be done before you desperately need your air conditioning up and running for the season.

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