UV Water Filtration Services for Clean, Safe Water

A lot of folks in the Okanagan rely on wells, rivers, and lakes for their primary home water source, which means they run the risk of organic contaminants. Not only that, but many areas in the region have boil-water advisories for at least part of the year, particularly during the spring runoff. Our UV filtration systems are a reliable way to ensure your drinking water remains clean and safe all year round.

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How UV Filtration Works

UV filtration uses a germicidal ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other living organisms from water. Ultraviolet light damages the DNA of organic contaminants so that they can no longer function or reproduce. When you have a UV system, all of the water you use in your home flows through a chamber that contains a UV lamp before it moves to your faucets and appliances. Through this process, all of your water is exposed to UV light before flowing through your plumbing for home use.

UV filtration systems are highly efficient in neutralizing up to 99.99% of living organisms present in water. Unlike conventional filters, UV purifiers leave no wastewater or residue, which means that every drop of water passing through the system is purified.

The Benefits of a UV Filtration System

  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Eliminates up to 99.99% of organic contaminants
  • No water waste
  • Clean water all-year round, even during boil-water advisories

If you are considering installing a water filtration device, a UV system may be the right solution for you! Many homeowners in the Okanagan have benefitted from the convenience and reassurance of clean, safe water all year long due to UV water filtration.

How Do I Know if I Need Water Filtration?

If you live in Kelowna, Mission Creek, Kettle Valley, or elsewhere in the surrounding area and aren’t sure how to tell whether your water is safe to drink, you can always check the Interior Health Water Advisory Map. This map is regularly updated with all boil-water advisories in the area to help you determine if your water is safe. If you live in an area that has frequent boil-water advisories, Vision’s UV water filtration services are available to ensure you always have convenient access to clean drinking water in your home.

For more information on the importance of disinfecting drinking water, see these resources from the Government of Canada and HealthlinkBC.

Still Unsure? Get Your Water Quality Tested!

Vision is also proud to offer water testing services for homes and businesses in Kelowna and the surrounding areas. Don’t just assume your water is safe to drink, get peace of mind by having Vision confirm it!  In the unfortunate event that your water is not safe to consume, contact us for filtration or other water purification options.

UV Filter Installation Services

The team at Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling have years of experience providing service to residents of the Okanagan, and we understand the unique requirements of the area. This includes the challenges that many people face regarding clean, safe water and the frequency of boil-water advisories in some rural communities. We are happy to provide locals with UV water filtration system installation services, including installation, maintenance, and repairs. Get in touch today to learn more about UV water filtration and whether it is a good fit for your home. Call 250-470-9552 for more information!

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