5 Ways a Humidifier Helps During the Winter Season

With the winter season here in full effect it brings a big change in our climate and the need to bundle up to stay warm. As well between winter’s dry air, turned-up thermostat and closed windows to escape the cold, your body and immune system could be taking some punishment. Your respiratory system to skin problems could be effected. Fortunately, there is an option to consider to combat these issues. A device known as the humidifier. Here are 5 ways a home humidifier could help you this winter:

Give your sinuses a break

If you suffer from sinusitis, your sinuses do not drain or function properly when the air is dry.  The air is especially dry during the winter season. According to the experts, humidity in the air is generally good for your sinuses. By using a humidifier, there will be more humidity circulating in your home making it easier to breathe and more comfortable.

Speeds up healing of colds and flu

Our bodies can have trouble with the sudden temperature changes, This can often lead to catching a cold or flu during the winter months. A humidifier can help in your recovery by keeping your nasal passages lubricated and making it easier to breathe. Humidifiers are also effective for people with asthma and allergies. Some humidifiers are specially designed to purify the air to decrease your allergies to be triggered.

Cuts down nosebleeds

Do you suffer from nosebleeds? A humidifier can help by keeping your nasal passages moist and lubricated. Dry weather is a huge catalyst for nosebleeds and a humidifier is specifically designed to add moisture back into your living space. Individuals who use humidifiers regularly report a huge difference in their conditions.

Cuts down on snoring

It can be frustrating lying in bed hoping to catch some shut eye and you hear snoring. A very annoying predicament to be in. If your partner snores loudly at night, a humidifier might be your answer. The moisture created by the humidifier helps keep the throat from drying out which may decrease the intensity of the snoring sound.

Beautiful smooth skin

Dry weather often brings dry skin. The normal remedies to keep your skin hydrated is to resort to tons of lotions, creams and moisturizers. Fortunately, a humidifier restores moisture in the air. The need to use plethora of skin care products is not as necessary when your home uses a humidifier regularly. A humidifier will help your skin feel smoother, and not so dehydrated.

These are just a few advantages investing in a humidifier. If you suffer from any of the problems listed, consider looking into getting a humidifier for your home comfort.

One last tip. A humidifier also helps preserve hardwood floors which makes them last longer.

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