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We are still enjoying warm summer afternoons, but fall is right around the corner.  While you may still be running your air conditioner rather than your furnace, now is the time to make sure your home and furnace are ready for winter.  By properly preparing now, you can ensure...

How often should I change my filter or have my furnace cleaned?  A quick guide to regular furnace maintenance from the experts at Vision Mechanical. While your furnace is a very hard working and low maintenance piece of equipment, especially compared to the other appliances in your home, it does require some basic cleaning and maintenance to keep it running efficiently. 

Humidify with Help from the Kelowna HVAC Experts If you have hardwood floors, you know how precious they are, but you might not know there’s something you can do to help preserve them for years to come. Our Kelowna furnace professionals are getting more and more...