What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

So you’ve got a burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or other plumbing emergency. What do you do now? Take a deep breath, stay calm, and follow these simple steps.

Hire a Plumber

Shut off the Water

The first thing you should do in a plumbing emergency is shut off the water to the affected location. This is especially important to do quickly if you have water flowing onto the floor, such as in the event of a burst pipe. Make sure you know where your water main is and how to shut it off before an emergency occurs. If you require any tools to access or shut off your water main, make sure to keep them nearby so that you can grab them fast if you need to.

Move Anything in Danger of Water Damage

If your plumbing emergency is a burst pipe or something else that involves water where it shouldn't be, make sure you move anything away from the water that could be damaged. Pay special attention to electronics. If you have pets, keep them away from the affected area to prevent them from walking through puddles and tracking water around your home or otherwise making matters worse.

Call a Plumber

Call an emergency plumber right away. The longer you wait, the more damage you’re likely to have to contend with. At Vision Plumbing Heating Cooling, we prioritize emergency repairs and have plumbers available 24/7. When an emergency strikes, don’t hesitate to call! Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is here to help.

Clean Up What You Can

While you wait for your plumber to arrive, do what you can to clean up any water that has pooled on the floor. This will help to reduce damage. If water is continually leaking from somewhere, set up a bucket to catch the drips. Use towels and/or a mop to sop up any water on the floor.

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