Why Fireplace Maintenance Is Important

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One of the best and most effective ways of making sure that your fireplace operates safely and effectively is by ensuring it is serviced and maintained regularly. Regardless of the fireplace type installed in your home maintenance is important. Whether you use coal, wood or even a gas fireplace, you should have a certified technician inspect and service the fireplace at least twice every year. It is with regular servicing that the technician will be able to identify any problems with the burners or pilot light, ensure safe ignition and combustion, prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and test the chimney draw among many other areas.

Reasons You Should Have Your Gas Fireplace Inspected and Serviced Regularly

Although gas powered fireplaces are considerably the safest and cleanest of all, they too require regular servicing. Discussed below are some of the reasons why.

1. For improved functionality: A gas fireplace should not be taken for granted. Although it can operate for months, or even years without breaking down, it is susceptible to sudden fires and explosions. These mostly occur when connection and valves develop leaks or when the thermocouple or thermopile wears out. The ceramic logs used in gas fireplaces also need to be regularly checked to ensure they are in a good working condition and placed properly.

2. Proper ventilation: Although a gas fireplace is considerably the cleanest fireplace of all, gas combustion does produce soot especially if its ventilation system is compromised. If the chimneys structure doesn’t work as it is supposed to or allows moisture inside the combustion chamber, the entire system could malfunction causing carbon monoxide poisoning. These gas fumes penetrate your home undetected exposing your family to grave danger of suffocation. Nonetheless, having the fireplace serviced regularly can prevent this from happening, as the technician should be able to detect it during his /her rounds.

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3. Provides quality indoor air: As mentioned earlier, gas fireplaces can produce soot especially if there is incomplete combustion. This happens if there is a leakage in the fireplace’s ventilation allowing gas (carbon monoxide) to escape through. Having the fireplace regularly serviced however prevents this from happening as the technicians diagnose everything to ensure excellent indoor air quality.

4. Durability: Just as it is with any other mechanical appliance, regular servicing and maintenance improves the system’s durability. This not only gives you value for your money but also saves you on energy costs and accidents.

If you cannot recall the last time you had your gas-powered fireplace serviced, you could be putting your home at a great risk.

Call Vision Mechanical certified technicians to inspect the fireplace and handle any repairs if any.

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